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Biomolecules and biological processes

DNA Molecule RNA synthesis
DNA helix
RNA synthesis
Base pairs in DNA Molecule Base pairs in DNA/RNA hybrids
DNA helix
RNA synthesis
Protein synthesis
Protein synthesis


Fast batch crystallization of hen egg white lysozyme       Growth of a crystal of T. thermophilus aspartyl-tRNA synthetase-1
(Zhu et al., 2001)
Growth of lysozyme crystal
Growth of a protein crystal

Structure gallery

Scenario of tRNAAsp aspartylation reaction in yeast (Sauter et al., 2000)

tRNA aspartylation in yeast
PDB files: 1EOV (free AspRS), 3TRA (free tRNA), 1ASY (binary complex)

Details of space lysozyme at 0.94 Å resolution (Sauter et al., 2001)

Chloride binding site    Sodium binding site
PDB file: 1IEE

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